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A helpful list of newsstands that sell The North Shore Sun.

7-Eleven: 33 Middle Country Road. Phone: 631-698-6204
Stop & Shop: 635 Middle Country Road. Phone: 631-736-4772
7-Eleven: 2011 Route 112. Phone: 631-736-6414

Middle Island
BP Gas: 975 Middle Country Road. Phone: 631-205-1042
Phil's Deli: 884 Middle Country Road. Phone: 631-924-8300
Eckerd: 864 Middle Country Road. Phone: 631-924-8500
Middle Island Deli: 1518 Rocky Point Road. Phone: 631-345-2420
TJ's: 291Middle Country Road. Phone: 631-205-0076
Bagel Cafe: 187 Middle Country Road. Phone: 631-924-3403

Miller Place
Coastal: 1025 Route 25A. Phone: 631-821-4150
Dunkin' Donuts: 725 Route 25A. Phone: 631-821-7357
Stop & Shop: Route 25A. Phone: 631-474-9845
Hess: 370 Route 25A. Phone: 631-473-2785
7-Eleven: Route 25A and Miller Place Road. Phone: 631-928-2297
Eckerd: 335 Route 25A. Phone: 631928-6800
Corner Convenience: 84 Echo Ave. Phone: 631-331-9540
Parkside Deli: 62 Echo Ave. Phone: 631-331-3066
CVS: 15918 Route 25A. Phone: 631-331-2018
Landing Deli: 85 North Country Road. Phone: 631-331-2544

Mount Sinai
Bagels Your Way: 331 Route 25A, No.10. Phone: 631-473-8266
7-Eleven: Route 25A. Phone: 631-473-9060
King Kullen: 5507 Nesconset Hwy. Phone: 631-474-0019
Eckerd: 5507 Nesconset Hwy. Phone: 631-473-7795
Village Deli: 749 Mount Sinai-Coram Road. Phone: 631-474-3968

Kramer's: 151 Middle Country Road. Phone: 631-828-4028
Amoco: 1470 Route 24. Phone: 631-345-9601
Mobil: 1511 Middle Country Road. Phone: 631-924-3107
Ridge Deli: Route 25. Phone: 631-924-0338
Luk-Oil: 1677 Middle Country Road. Phone: 631-924-7433
Steer Sellers: Route 25. Phone: 631-924-8484
Ridge Card & Smoke: 1699C Middle Country Road. Phone: 631-345-0398

Rocky Point
Empire gas station: 779 Route 25A
McCarrick's Dairy: Route 25A. Phone: 631-744-2502
Handy Pantry: 684 Route 25A. Phone: 631-821-2535
Campus Heroes: 660 Route 25A. Phone: 631-744-4289 Gas Plus: 613 Route 25A. Phone: 631-744-1038
R.P. Smoke and Card: 593 Route 25A. Phone: 631-744-5885
R.P. Mobil: 557 Route 25A. Phone: 631-821-1115
CVS: 379 Route 25A. Phone: 631-821-0151
Brooklyn Bagels: 379 Route 25A. Phone: 631-744-7500
7-Eleven: 374 Route 25A. Phone: 631-744-5124
Pat's: 346-50 Route 25A. Phone: 631-744-1007
Eckerd: 346-102 Point Plaza. Phone: 631-744-4302
Antino's: 279 Route 25A. Phone: 631-821-3969
Waldbaum's: 245 Route 25A. Phone: 631-744-1652

Shop with Us: 99-28 Route 25A. Phone: 744-0378

Sound Beach
Sunny Deli: 178 Sound Beach Blvd. Phone: 631-744-0671
Sound Beach Village Market: 257 Echo Ave. Phone: 631-209-2407
Handy Pantry: 280 Echo Ave. Phone: 631-744-9085
Sound Beach Deli: 291 Echo Ave. Phone: 631-821-8500

Wading River
Village Beverage: 6346 Route 25A. Phone: 632-929-0086
Wading River Deli: Route 25A. Phone: 631-929-5694
Country Farmhouse: 2051 Wading River-Manor Road. Phone: 631-929-3540
Wading River General:1 Sound Road. Phone: 631-929-3663
Bagel Buddies: 2134 Route 25A. Phone: 631-821-0500
King Kullen: 6277 Route 25A. Phone: 631-929-1328
CVS: 6221 Route 25A. Phone: 631-929-6040
Angelo's: 73 Hulse Landing Road. Phone: 631-929-4616

Antino's: 4490 Middle Country Road. Phone: 631-727-7771
Country Store: Route 25

Terryville Stationery: 683 Old Town Road. Phone: 631-331-7854
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